Perth, namely the Sunset Coast of Australia, has some of the best beaches in Australia, which made it amongst the top travel destinations of the world.

The recent urban developments in Perth has made it brimming with foodie festivals, major exhibitions, sporting events, music and theatre that will keep you entertain.


What's more, you can swim with dolphins, go whale watching, watch coral spawning, explore prehistoric caves, and walk in the treetops of an ancient forest. 

You definitely do not want to miss out the 'must do' and 'must go' places in Perth, Western Australia. You are coming to Perth but not sure where and how to start with? Drop us a message, we will sort it out for you ;) or Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest tours package we offer!

We are here to makes your itinerary planning AHEAD and CHEAPER! Get your bundle tickets sorted and you are free to go on your own adventure! 

Keeping up with Perth's current events prior your visits! What's more? we have value package that covers your event pass, accomodations and many more! Don't miss out!


Designed to complement our range of point-to-point journeys and are focused on pre-arranged sightseeing in and around select cities and regions. Each of our one day tours to explore the beautiful and nature landscapes of Western Australia or if you are looking for an intimate and full experiences in Western Australia, join our multi-day tours- inclusive local, historical and cultural knowledge that you will end this tour with better understanding of Western Australia.

Why Choose Wavecrest Tours?

At Wavecrest Tours, we put our priorities on you and your experience in Perth, Western Australia. What's important to you, it's important to us. We understand that everyone has different preferences, and we are here to listen your needs. Our experienced travel consultants will keep tweaking and adapting the itinerary until it's perfect right for you. We will go all out to source the most fascinating destinations and experiences for you in Perth, Western Australia.  

Everything is tailored according to your needs and budget

Hassle-Free and Flexibility Trip 

Local travel consultants and guides that have either extensively lived or travel in Western Australia

Discover Western Australia’s most amazing people and places, cultures and landscapes.  

Great value for money

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